The Cellar

The different steps

Step 1

The juice which comes out of the press is first put into stainless steel vats and by decanting we separate the impurities.

Step 2

The resultant must is then transferred to oak barrels where the fermentation starts naturally with the yeast found in the skin of the grapes. The sugar transforms to alcohol and releases carbon dioxide.

Step 3

The vinification must not start too quickly, otherwise the finesse and the aromas will disappear. We check the process every day and adjust using thermo-regulation.

Step 4

After fermentation the wine is left to rest, before separation of the last impurities by racking.

Step 5

The vintage is usually bottled between 6 to 8 months after the harvest.
The quality and authenticity of our wines are guaranteed by the “Appelation Alsace Controlée” and all are bottled exclusively on the Domaine du Bouxhof estate.

Step 6

After bottling our wines are stocked in palette boxes in an ancestral cellar where the temperature and humidity level are ideal for wine maturation.
These palettes are transferred when necessary for finishing.

Step 7

The full bottles are washed, labelled and then boxed for direct sales at the tasting cellar or shipping through a transport company.

Step 8

The wines are now ready to be appreciated by many wine lovers far and wide.