Eaux de Vie (Fruit brandies)

Fruit trees and harvest

We have many different types of typical Alsace fruits trees in our grounds (Questch, Cherry (Kirsch), Mirabelle, William Pear, Quince for example) which ripen, depending on the fruit, through the summer and autumn. We prune our trees in such a way that the sun shines into the centre so the fruit gains in maturity.
We pick the fruit when they are very ripe. Our Marcs are also of excellent quality as the grapes are picked when very ripe, are pressed gently so the marcs are still full of good juice. The fermentations proceed slowly to allow the bouquet and the taste to develop.

Distilling and the Still

All our fruits are distilled slowly by bain-marie in our brass and copper still which is wood-fired. When the hot vapours rise the spirit of the fruit is revealed ! They are double-distilled and we only keep the heart of the liquid to preserve the richness of character of each fruit. The eaux de vies are aged in demijohns or wooden barrels to develop the rich aromas.
The “Vieux Marc de Gewurztraminer” (1994) was aged for over 10 years. It has an intensive nose and a round and fine taste.