Terroirs et grands crus

Alsace Grape varieties

Pinot Blanc

Elegant and balanced, supple yet dry, this is an ideal all-purpose wine, to be served with starters, white meat, hams, quiches, fish and salads.


Nervous, fine and delicately grapey, its bouquet is flowery with some mineral notes. Ideal with fish, shell-fish, but also with white meats and the famous « Choucroute Alsacienne ».

Pinot Gris

Generous and rich, heady and smooth, with a slightly smoked bouquet, this wine goes well with poultry, succulent roasts and mushroom dishes.


Fruity, like biting into a fresh bunch of grapes, with a characteristic bouquet, it is marvellous as a reception wine, especially as an aperitif and with asparagus or melon.


A fruity wine with floral and exotic aromas, it has a rich and round structure which is perfect with spicy, sweet and sour dishes and strong cheeses, captivating at parties as an aperitif or as a dessert wine.

Pinot Noir

A red wine, appreciated for its elegant bouquet with red fruit aromas, which is a delicious accompaniment to roast poultry, grilled and roasted meats or game.


The fruity apple aromas and fresh balance make it a wonderfully festive bubbly wine for all celebrations.

Vendanges Tardives (Late harvest wines) :

Born of selected and over-ripe Riesling, Pinot Gris or Gewurztraminer grapes, these wines are real masterpieces. The intense golden yellow colour, the exquisite and powerful aromas, the complex and rich taste, will make your taste buds sing with joy. Obligatory with Foie Gras or a dessert.

Mention « Sélection de Grains Nobles »

These exceptional wines are special and highly prestigious. Obtained exclusively from grapes of optimal quality and concentration that have developed the noble rot, these are rare wines indeed. They are subject to the most rigorous legislation and are part of the elite of great wines. These extraordinarily unique wines manage to ally exquisite powerful aromas and a sublime generous taste to charm your senses. To be savoured with a dessert or after an excellent meal.

Lieux dits

« Bouxberg »

This soil is calcareous clay, and the Pinot grape varieties grow well here.
Our Pinot Blanc has an intense fruity nose with a slight touch of smokiness. It is a structured and round wine and it accompanies grilled fish, asparagus and warm starters extremely well.
The Pinot Noir grape suits this site perfectly. The colour is intense and ruby red, its nose is full of red berries and fruit. Powerful and structured with soft tannins, the fruitiness continues persistently on the palate, so is harmonious with red meats, game or a cheese platter.

« Bouxreben »

We have chosen to plant the Muscat grape in this calcareous marl soil. The good solar exposure bestows the elegant and fruity nose so characteristic of this grape variety. In the mouth it is fresh and fruity with a rounded finale. Refreshing as an aperitif on a sunny terrace, it is also exquisitely succulent with melon and parma ham.

« Bouxgarten »

The characteristics of this soil are revealed in Riesling. From initial freshness, this wine develops rich and complex aromas with some fruitiness.
A full bodied and persistent taste makes it an agreeable partner for shell fish and poultry.

« Clos du Bouxhof »

The Clos is the garden of the Domaine. The stone walls protect the Gewurztraminer plants and allow the grapes to ripen in excellent conditions. The nose reveals dried rose aromas combined with the characteristic spiciness.
A delicate wine, yet opulent and rich, this is a fruity warming aperitif which also marries well with Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

The “Grands Crus”

« Mandelberg »

The Mandelberg (Almond Hill) is covered with vines and almond trees. It enjoys a marvellous south facing position and is protected from the northerly winds. The calcimagnésic soil here allows good ageing. The Riesling develops a floral and fruity intensity. As a well balanced wine, with finesse and a good persistence, its allies are fish in sauce or young and fresh cheeses.
The beautiful and very ripe Gewurztraminer grapes give a wine of a golden yellow colour that unveils fruity and floral aromas, it is round, rich and full-bodied, preferring to be aged a little to become even more intense. Delicious as an aperitif and with strong cheeses (Munster, Maroilles, Pont l’Eveque etc.), it matches oriental or sweet and sour dishes and even a dessert.

« Marckrain »

This beautiful hill has a south-eastern exposure, a specific micro-climate and is composed of chalky marl and allows the Pinot Gris grape to express itself fully, with an elegant nose with yellow fruit and hints of honey. This complex fruitiness continues warmly in the mouth.
A harmonious wine of nice persistence, it suits foie gras, is delicious with a salad of preserved duck breast, and rather nice with white meats or some fresh mushrooms.